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Questions and Answers

Questions. Whether we love them or hate them, we all have questions. Questions are a sign of growth, and a sign we are alive and moving forward.  It’s natural for us to look at the questions we have and think we are the only ones to wonder about them, but we aren’t.  If we can name (question) the thing we are wondering about then someone else must have already questioned it because there are words to describe it! <— Tweet this.

The devil loves to deceive us and make us think we are alone in our situations and questions but we are not! Here at Unfading, we want to establish a community where you can know you are not alone. Questions that lead to growth a good thing and we want to grow and learn alongside you! With that, we are starting a mini question and answer series.

Here is how it works: every month we will pick a new topic and let you, the reader, submit your question in the comments. One question will be chosen and answered in the following month’s post. We would also love your input on what topics you would like to here us address and feature.

 This month’s topic is: Change. Do you have any questions about changes in your life? Or how to deal with change that you would like us to write on? And how about next month? What topic has been lying heavy on your heart? We look forward to your questions and suggestions in the comments, or in the “contact us” form with the subject Question: Change!


 Don’t know what a Question and Answer blog post looks like? Check out a few of the ones that I’ve done on my personal blog. Click Here.