Submission Guidelines

Teen Tuesdays

Like to write? Want to get published? Get started early by sending us some of your work! Follow these guidelines carefully as we won’t accept submissions that don’t meet them. Once you’ve read them through, you can submit using the form below.


1. Must be  age 13-18.

2. Make sure your piece is in line with our belief statement on the About Page. We will not accept any crude, obscene or disparaging work.

3. Check your piece carefully for spelling and grammar mistakes. Have someone who’s good at that kind of thing check it for you since others sometimes see those things better.

4. Write about a topic that fits the kind of thing we usually publish here, things about your identity in Christ, practical tips that can help your fellow teens, devotions, photos that help illustrate those kinds of ideas.

5. Make it personal, tell stories from your own life to illustrate your point. Show us what you mean, don’t just tell us. Make it short and to the point. Submissions must be no longer than 500-700 words.

6. We reserve the right to make changes as we see fit on grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as to remove any personal information that might infringe on your privacy. We will not publish city names, names of athletic teams or other groups, photos of girls’ faces, or anything else that might lead an online predator back to you. This one’s for your own protection!

7. If your piece doesn’t get accepted, don’t worry, keep trying! We will pick the best piece each month and discard the others so if you want to try again the next month, you need to resend it. Use this as a chance to ask someone you know who’s good at writing to help you make it even better and work on strengthening your talent.

8. Enjoy! This is a fun chance to get your work published, and we want to hear about what’s important in your life. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



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