About Unfading

Unfading is an online gathering place for young women  centered on finding our identity in Christ, rather than any talent, relationship or possession we’re tempted to find it in.

You will not see fluffy, whole looking Christians here, but broken, beautiful people like yourself, trying to take hold of Christ’s wonderful opinion of them and live it out, with help from His grace. 

Girls are challenged to grow a walk with Christ as they learn more of what it means to identify themselves by Him in every area of their lives from clothes and modesty to health and beauty to sports and hobbies to relationships and Bible study. 


We Believe…

That God is the infinite, personal, transcendent, omniscient, sovereign, good (but not safe) creator of the universe, out of nothing. God exists in three persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God’s son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross to pay the wages of our sin. The Holy Spirit lives inside all believers, working in them, enabling them to do what God asks and to know His will.

That man and woman were both made in God’s image. Each and every human life is valuable as such, regardless of age, wealth, skin color, gender, size or level of dependence on someone else. We each have a soul that was made to be in communion with God, and a heart that was made to be in relationships with others. God commands that those relationships express unity- and also difference. His most beautiful picture of that is in heterosexual marriage since he made man and woman to become one flesh, but also to display the differences that come so beautifully with their genders. No other type of romantic relationship is within God’s perfect design. God also created us to live in friendship and community with others of both genders, love those with other beliefs and to work together across Christian denominational boundaries. God made people with the ability to be creative, reason and make decisions, whether right or wrong.

That when we die our eternal souls will either go to rest in eternal communion with God or eternal separation from Him, based upon the choice of whether to follow Him and accept the grace he offers on earth.

That God did not create the universe to be chaotic, but ordered after His own grand plan and design. But he left it open to our choice, of whether we would follow that plan or disobey it.

That there is a difference between good and evil. Good means following after God and His ways, and evil following after any other way because God is the source of moral order. While there are areas that are not always easy to discern, there is a difference. Mankind was created good, but fell and is now inherently evil unless redeemed by Christ.

That history has gone in a straight line from the day God created the world to now, and that it has meaning for us in that it is leading to the fulfillment of God’s purpose for humanity.

That the Bible is the way we know this story. It is the word of God, which he inspired in his followers throughout the ages. It can be trusted absolutely to tell us what God plans and how God views us. Its writers do not lie. It is useful for “teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be equipped for every good deed.”


One thought on “About Unfading

  1. Marian says:

    Wonderful post. There are so many terrific and ttlneaed HR pros out there. It’s unfortunate that sometimes it sounds like only the bad stories get the press. Thanks for writing this.

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