Days 3 and 4 30×30 Remix- Brightness and Blue

day3full day3access

Well, I went to bed (on the couch with all the lights on, leaning against a pile of laundry, with a DVD of Get Smart blaring) with a migraine last night, so I’m combining days three and four… No harm, no foul right?

As for day three’s outfit (above), I chose it because I had some important meetings Tuesday and this skirt is a bit dressier, but it’s also hard for me to wear because it’s so much louder than most other things I own, and I’m usually a rather quiet person. I always feel like it will surprise people to see me looking so loud!

I love the shoes, one of my few pairs of heels, but my feet were aching afterward as I’m not much used to wearing heels all day. Back to some ballet flats Wednesday, I can tell you that!

And hurray for my only piece of gold-colored jewelry, which seemed appropriate under the circumstances.


day4waist day4neck

Today (Wednesday) was blue day. I’ve been excited about this outfit, especially this chambray Izod shirt, which I got for 99 cents at Goodwill last week. It’s in perfect shape as far as I can tell. Happiness.

I love this skirt and its blue jean ruffles, but I never wear it because it’s got such a funny shape, with a lot of extra fabric in the waist. But I pulled it up to my natural waist and tied it tighter and then covered it with this shirt (thank goodness it’s long) and drew the eye away from the bunchy fabric with the dark blue belt. Love the contrast. And I love the feel of the chambray, crisp and fresh for a (very) warm spring day.



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