Changing seasons….

Fall has arrived and as the leaves change and the air cools the seasonal allergy monster of doom rears her head once again and I find myself still in bed at 1 in the afternoon nursing my first of many battles with this annual monster.

However, on this day my thoughts are not about tissues or the juice glasses cluttering my room; my thoughts are with my mom. For several months now my family has been preparing to deal with the impending downfall of an illness that has not only clamied my mother’s health, but also her mind. Today, like many days before and many to come, I miss her.

Yet, once again in the beauty of God’s wisdom he fills my head with beautiful memories of a woman who would come and sit with me when I was sick, humming an unknown tune and resting her hand on my quilt covered knee. The memories of a woman who would just sit with me through the unattractive nose-blowing, medicane swigging hours and talk endlessly of fall decorations, upcoming holiday plans, and yes even in early October the Christmas shopping list.

It is days like today when I miss her the most and days like today that God shines the brightest in my small bedroom reminding me that He blessed me with such a beautiful picture of care and nurture. Yes, mom and I fought, but when “her baby” (and I include my older brothers in that as well) was not feeling up to par not one single outburst mattered. She would be there for us.

And today I am comforted to know that, much like my mom was always there, I have a promise of a God who will be there, too. He and my mother in a great battle against Satan and season allergy monsters.


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