Shabby Chic mirror

This Friday, instead of fiction, we offer you a little weekend project to have some fun with. Usually we don’t post these till Saturday, but thought you might like a chance to plan ahead. This is a super pretty one I may have to try myself very soon. Enjoy!

At this point, if you have been following these tutorials, you have probably found yourself a nice little thrift store that you have come to rely on. Well for this post you will need to plan another trip for some simple supplies. Before I get to that let me explain the significance of this tutorial. As I grow up I have begun to enjoy things that look old. Not just anything, but things that still carry  beauty which has been enhanced by the years of its existence. Take the antique mirror for example. It is hard to buy a new mirror that looks like an old one and much harder to make a new mirror look like an old one. We will just have to improvise and  not begin with a mirror, but a picture frame. In this tutorial I will show you how to turn a simple picture frame from a thrift store or even one laying around the house into something that can be compared to one of those antique mirrors.

Here is what you will need:

*Krylon Looking Glass spray paint (can be found at Hobby Lobby, I do not suggest substituting with metallic spray paint)

*Krylon Clear Coating spray paint (matte or glossy, should not make a difference)

*1/4 Cup vinegar mixed with 3/4 cup water

*Spray Bottle

*Protected work space

*Paper towels

*Picture frame (size is up to you)


Step 1: After you have covered your work area with some kind of protective sheet, get your frame and carefully pull the glass part out of the frame. For now, set aside the rest of the frame. You will not need those parts until the end. Make sure the glass is clean on both sides. I use windex to do the job

You will need to make sure your vinegar/water mix is ready and poured into a spray bottle. You will need it handy pretty quickly after this step. I put my mix in a used windex bottle that had been rinsed out.

Step 2: Take the clean glass and lay it flat onto the covered work area. Shake up the looking glass spray paint for about a minute and take off cap. Spray the glass evenly covering the side facing up. You do not need to spray too close to the glass or you may get runs of paint. I would keep about one foot distance between the spray nozzle and the glass.

You will notice the shade changing as the paint dries, it should dry rather quickly but don’t let it dry all the way before doing step 3.

Step 3: Before the paint dries completely, wait about 3 seconds when done spraying the paint, then squirt the glass with the vinegar/water mix at least one time. Once again, let there be about one foot’s distance between spray nozzle and glass. This should allow good enough coverage with one squirt. Wait another 3 seconds.

Droplets are normal after spraying vinegar/water mix

Step 4: Get a paper towel and lightly spray the paper towel with vinegar/water mix with one foot distance between nozzle and towel. Gently use the paper towel to dab the droplets. Avoid any kind of wiping with the paper towel, it will take off too much of the spray paint. Just dab until you no longer see the droplets. In place of the droplets there will be blank spots as if you have taken of some of the paint. This is what you want, don’t panic.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the amount of paint removed and you have the look you want, let it sit to dry.

Note- Feel free to dab as much as you would like. This is your project and you can remove as much of the paint as want. Just remember the goal here is to have a mirror type affect. Sometimes I push my paper towel down and rotate slightly to rub off a little more paint in some spots, but I do this sparingly.

Step 6: Spray the glass, same side, with the looking glass spray paint once again. This will cover up some of those spots we made bare but will not make them dissappear. It will keep it from being too transparent. This adds to making it look like an antique.

Step 7: The final step is the easiest. After the glass has completely dried, pick up the clear coat spray paint (this will also need to be shaken for about a minute)and spray over the looking glass paint. This will help protect it and keep it in tact. You may do as many coats of this as you would like. Wait about an hour then put that beautiful glass back into its frame. The side of the glass that you painted faces you as you place it back in the frame. It is the side that will NOT be seen.

Please remember that you are painting and working on the same side of the glass the entirety of this project.

On the final product in this picture I put some fabric in the frame behind the glass to give it some flare. You can do this with any fabric you choose. Just cut it down to size and place fabric in frame after glass.

It is hard to tell in this picture but you can actually see your reflection when all is said and done. I will warn you though that this will not work the best as just a mirror. It is mostly for decoration purposes, but it does that job very well. Hope you have fun and enjoy the outcome.






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