Falling In Love: Not Just a Story


Ken and Elaine

Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you.

A big Unfading hug to anyone who knows that is lyrics from an old Elvis song. A personal high five to anyone who stopped reading and sang the rest of the song. When I was a little girl Elvis played a lot in my house so you can imagine I have a place in my heart for his music. However, this song is mine. I laid claim on it as the ultimate first dance song at a young age and as you know I am a romance skeptic so I take my ownership seriously. I share this little piece of personal history with you because of what my final post on fairytales is about. It is actual the closest thing to a fairytale I have heard.

Ken and Elaine, a couple at my church agreed to let me tell their story and I sat down prepared to do just that with you. I even asked for a special photo of the couple to share, which they so graciously gave us here at Unfading. However, each time what I wrote never seemed to grasp the emotion of Elaine as she recounted memories of her decades spent with Ken to me via telephone the first afternoon of my research for this series.

Her vivid memories of him escorting her to prom and how the slightly older Ken had to hope the in-laws would sign for a 17 year old Elaine to marry the college boy. She spoke of the importance of maturity in a relationship and that even though they waited a few years before they welcomed their son that it was still hard being young in that life. Yet all the while she remembered everything, even the difficult, with a air of happiness and described the love they shared and still share to this day as awesome.

I wanted to tell you a story, but what Ken and Elaine share is not a story. It is a falling in love journey when two people come together and God blesses what they have together. He doesn’t make it error proof or easy, but if both parties and it took a while for Ken on this one, are willing to committ to God, then he will lead and guide them accordingly.

Ken and Elaine practice the art of courageous committment and true love over time beautifully. The best part is that is not a story, but more like as river flows to the sea some things were meant to be, and if God has it in His plan for you to be a two someday and you are open to His direction then someday you will not be able to help falling in love. Thank you for coming on this journey with a skeptic who now likes to hope that the twirling girl that laid claim to old Elvis still twirls waiting for a the right dance partner.


One thought on “Falling In Love: Not Just a Story

  1. Elaine Estes says:

    Beautiful! Love you!!!

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