A Recommendation: October Baby



Back in March in the confines of a theatre I had a movie going expierence. I have seen films over the years that have been touching and inspiring that were from all different genres of film including, but not limited to, Christian films. However, on that day in March I sat down and for the first time in my life had put to words what I felt concerning my own adoption.

The film was October Baby and the storyline, while not one that fit my life perfectly, did reflect the nature of my feelings toward my Grandmother who had raised me as her own. In a sense the thank you at the end of the film was truly a release for me.

On a more non-personal note I would like to recommend this film to any one, no matter their family situation. The theme of the film is every life is beautiful and while it deals with issues that are hard to swallow and often uncomfortable, the reminder of your own importance in peoples lives as well as your purpose for God really comes out in this film.

While much of the film is serious there are some just amazing movie moments with great acting and a best bud character that will have you laughing at his crazy antics throughout the journey of the young girl who stars in this film. Plus, girls the guy who helps her along is pretty much the cutest thing ever in this reviewer’s opinion. The movie October Baby will be available to own on September 11, 2012 and you should definetly check it out.

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