Our first ever music video

If you’d told me back in high school that one day not long from then, I would ask more than a dozen people for help on a project that wasn’t for school or work and didn’t stand to bring anyone but me and my closest friends any gain, I’d have laughed my head off at you. I was far too timid and self-effacing to have asked for something like that. Don’t mistake self-effacing for the Biblical and very good quality of humility and self-sacrifice. Self-effacement doesn’t just put others first in a good way, it lets you pummel yourself with negative thoughts and feelings, not the least of which is, never ask anyone for help, they’ll think you’re lesser for needing them.

That lie, thank God, is slowly diminishing from my life. It’s an ugly one. Never forget beloved that God created YOU in his image. Not just your neighbors or the guy with the locker next to yours, but YOU. Are you asked to give up things for others sometimes? Yes. Are you supposed to never ask anyone for any help? Absolutely not. Over and over the Bible calls us to live in fellowship with other believers, to help one another stand strong.

An example of the way my community of believers really came together in this way is in the video below. I’m super excited to announce our first ever music video (which I’m sure you could not have guessed any earlier in this post!). We’ll be doing a lot of material on this video and what it means to us, but I just want to kick it off by thanking those who made it possible.

To Jen for loaning us her camera, to my church for being willing to stay after and let their lunches get cold while they stood in for what amounted to just a few seconds of clips, to Tessa for her gorgeous dancing, gracious attitude and willingness to wing it, and to my daddy, who plays the best dad ever because he is the best dad ever, Tiffany and I say thank you so very much. And yes, there are all kinds of stories here, but no time at the moment to tell them. Without further ado, our video, which has been entered in the “Rest Easy” music video contest. Check with us tomorrow to see if there’s any word on our success!


One thought on “Our first ever music video

  1. Martha S. says:

    LOVE IT!

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