IdentityStorming: Erin Davis

Apologies for the mess-up earlier today, the video’s working now!


IdentityStorming is a monthly segment on Unfading, at least for the rest of summer. It’s like brainstorming, about identity. We ask questions, link ideas and get to know each other better. Sometimes we’ll feature famous people, sometimes they’re only locally known in our small town in Tennessee, but what they all have in common is some wisdom about how to find our identity in Christ. July’s guest (though yes it is technically August!) is author and speaker Erin Davis. We introduced her earlier this week, check out our earlier post. Also, be on the lookout as Erin has generously offered to give us some copies of her book Graffiti, and when she does, we’ll be doing a special giveaway here at Unfading! Totally exciting! Enjoy.

Also, sorry for being late posting this video. I know we said it would be up on Saturday, but I was sick all of last week and finally had to pause and take a break from sitting up at the computer. A big chunk of identity, I think, is knowing when it’s time to stop and take care of yourself! (hard one for me)

Many thanks to Music by Dan-O at and


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