Fiction Fridays: Five Word Book Review

Ok, for real if I could do a book review in five words that would be awesome and all my teachers who slogged through my long papers would fall to their knees in thanks to God for the transformation! As I’m to 37 words now, I’m not guessing that’s going to happen! But this is a feature we’ll be having occasionally, recommending some fiction from someone else for a change! We should be back to a regular story next week though, never fear!

This week’s review: So Not Happening, by Jenny B. Jones. Thomas Nelson, 2009. I wish I could give you a photo of the cover, but my photo uploader is on the fritz again (argh) so we’ll have to do with a link to the author’s website instead (as long as you promise not to click it before reading my review.)

I got this book for $3 at  a local book store, thinking if it turned out to be any good, I’d recommend it on here (I spend more time in the youth/young adult fiction than in the regular parts of the store). I’d heard this was a good author and wanted to check her out. Words I though when I read it:

Funny It was equal parts sarcastic wit and banter and totally embarrassing moments that keep you rolling because you can imagine yourself doing them … from city girl Bella Kirkwood being licked by a cow just after she moves to live with her new family in Truman, Oklahoma, to her accidentally interrupting her mom’s wedding because she was thinking she wished she could stop the wedding and the thoughts kind of spilled over.

Convicting This kid who was raised in New York on Daddy’s credit cards seems about as shallow as they come, and yet when she was shoved out of her comfort zone into the Wrangler and John Deere world of Truman, I didn’t find myself as disgusted with her bad attitude as I thought I would. That’s because I was feeling the conviction that she didn’t sound so different from me when I get into situations I don’t like.

Spine-tingling I didn’t expect a story about a shallow, socialite teenage girl who cares more about her Prada heels than getting along with her new step-father and brothers, to manage to also contain a mystery. I know it said it would on the back, but I just didn’t see how it could pull it off. I thought it’d either be nothing, or be pretty cheesy. Instead, I kept catching myself picking the book back up after I’d promised to put it down to clean my apartment or edit a post of Unfading, because I just needed to know a little more of what was going to happen.

Puppy love And no I won’t say who, because it would be a spoiler for a very unlikely couple. Let’s just say I had to use every ounce to concentrate back on Tiffany’s marriage posts and remember that I’m waiting for my own non-fairy tale, this one was so fun. As it is, we get a pretty good non-fairy tale with Bella’s love trials as nothing seems to be simple and fairy tale for her either.

Light Bella’s not a very deep character at first, concerned as she is for herself more than anyone else (let that be a warning to all of us). That made it a pretty light read. Characters around Bella, though, go through a lot of deep things so if you’re into the deeper side of things, you don’t feel guilt for spending your time on the story, it’s worthwhile. Even Bella starts digging in deeper to her attitude and relationship with God by the end of the book. I feel like more of that’s coming in future books in the series, but there was plenty of it here. Bella really starts to see how others matter and want to work for their good as well as her own.

All told I LOVED So Not Happening. Definitely check it out for your weekend’s reading. And don’t be surprised if you’re done with it by Monday. Have a happy weekend!


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