Courageous Committment

Doug and Mary Sue have been practicing courageous commitment for 30 years.

In my pursuit of the reality instead of a fairytale when it comes to romance (see The Fairy Tale?), I spoke to Mary Sue, a woman who has been married 30 years and she said five words to me concerning relationships that I felt needed to be shared with all of you. They are ‘courage to make the commitment’.

In every story we are told as children it never tells what happens next. Maybe Cinderella was too picky about the cleanliness of the castle or her need for special tiny shoes was a large financial burden on Charming’s budget? What if Belle picked up a book with an even bigger adventure in it and became bored with the day to day at the castle? It is altogether possible that Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, as a result of the that whole pricking her finger incident, now have to deal with her having narcolepsy? It’s a sleeping disorder, I’m not kidding.

When we see “The End” in fancy cursive writing we accept that as fact and assume that when we have our happy ending we will live just as blissfully unaware of problems as these famous couples did, but real relationships take commitment. This applies to all of our interpersonal relationships and even, as Christians, our most important one; our relationship with Christ.

In Luke 9:23 it says we have to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily. Now, if you read that and then double checked me all while thinking “wait a minute, God say what now?” I have to deny myself and take up a cross to follow Jesus (you know that Son of God that came to earth, died, and rose from the grave so that you would not perish but have eternal life and not go to Hell, that guy)? Seriously, I am going to just go hang out with my boyfriend of two hours instead, we are going to get married and he doesn’t ask me to do that. Well, okay maybe right now he doesn’t, but say you do get married and he tells you to not buy that expensive collector’s edition copy of the next book in the series your reading and asks if you could take out the garbage. Will I, Tiffany, be willing to deny myself the over-priced book and take out the garbage daily for the guy who gave me a ring and said some vows?

When dealing with relationships the truth is they take courage and commitment. If we can’t make the commitment to follow Christ as his word instructs then how can we follow his plans and end up with the right guy in a healthy, Christ-centered relationship? We must find the courage to make the committment to Christ first and keep Him first in our lifes before our story with another person can truly start for it is in Christ that we can do all things (Phillipians 4:13).


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