The Fairy Tale?

Photo by Bethany Brown

I have on a hat. I am standing in the War History section of a bookstore in a hat reaching for a copy of Mein Kampf. It is a book by Adolf Hitler and I have always wanted to read it. Of course the fear of labeled a Nazi by the bookstore clerk behind the counter always stops me. Yet, on this day my courage has been called out and I try again to make it from just glancing at the book to making the purchase. That is how I meet you. You see me and approach, asking if I am buying that book. I begin babbling and trying to explain that I am not a Nazi and I see you laughing. You say something amazing about never having the guts to buy it yourself because you’re afraid of the judgmental clerk and, after that initial shared fear, you ask me to coffee. For the next three years we go on dates, one of which is the magical February 15th moment we you give me daisies and Reese’s cups and tell me you love me every day because you know I really do hate Valentine’s Day. Then, on a Thursday while lounging in sweats watching every movie Mel Brooks ever made, you ask me to marry you and I say yes and we live happily ever after…

Pop! Yep, I just burst my own bubble. Why? None of that ever happened. Ever since 10th grade that has been my fairytale. Girls you know that one story that you tell no one because it is the fairytale way you plan to meet your Prince Charming. The truth is it most likely won’t happen this way and for me I know that it will not happen this way. How, you ask? I am wearing a hat. I don’t do hats. But if it is in God’s plan for my life for me to have a moment that changes my life where I meet someone with whom I spend the rest of my life, the memory of that meeting will be so much better. No matter how much it differs from this fairy tale.

I know because a few wise women have told me.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be offering the insightful bits of wisdom I have learned from interviewing several of these lovely Christian women who fell in love with amazing men and have spent  years learning the ends and outs of a real ever after. There will be no room for Prince Charming and only the reality of what happened when these women fell in love. These are real moments and words from these women and no flowery ideas of a magic moment over Almond Milk in the grocery store or a romanticized reach for fries in the cafeteria line. Who knew that when Betty went for the curly fries she would meet the love of her life in John, the football captain? Or that when Susie reached for the Almond milk, she’d meet Frank, the only other lactose intolerant guy in the store? Pop!

These women share the secret to happy relationships and spoiler alert: it is Christ. In the end, we will have discovered that The End is really only the beginning and that happily ever after is a lot of work. I hope you join me on this once apon a time journey.


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