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I thought it’d be good to pause today and tell you what to expect in the next week as much funness is coming up. I like knowing what to expect, having a plan, don’t you? Some people like it more than others. Then there are those of us who start breaking into hives when they don’t have one…AHEM but that’s a subject for another post! Right now … THE PLAN:

First of all, I want to remind you those of you who are budding writers that Teen Tuesday for July is coming up soon. The deadline to submit a piece is the second Tuesday of each month, in this case , July 10. The chosen post will go up on Unfading on July 17. For more info about how to submit something, see the tab at the top of this page.

I know I should go in order but I’m too excited to wait to tell you about this one … this Saturday we’ll be debuting a segment we’re really excited about! (Yeah … we’re excited about everything, but this one’s extra special). We’ve been doing some video interviews with some ladies that have a lot of knowledge and wisdom about Unfading’s central theme, Identity in Christ. Some of them you may have heard of, we’ve got a couple of authors and a singer lined up for this summer and I can’t wait for you to meet them! This month (drumroll please) Lydia Walker! Lydia’s a very talented singer/songwriter. She’s an alternative folk singer/songwriter from here in Tennessee, and she’s been songwriting and performing since she was 12. I really love her music and recommend it, it’s got a lot of depth to it and is very soothing and peaceful. Tiffany and I got to meet her when she came to our church for a concert not long ago, and she’s also very fun and relaxed to be around. Come back and see the video of our interview this Saturday, but meanwhile, check out her music here.

The rest of the schedule (keep in mind, things change around here a lot. Names of posts, subjects of posts for that day and just about anything else I tell you here could easily change, which keeps all of us guessing!)

Thursday, June 28: The Fairy Tale? by Tiffany Taylor- do you know how you want to meet Prince Charming? Do you have your wedding colors picked out yet? This post is for you!

Friday, June 29: Fiction Friday- Just Call Me “Sergeant Pudding Butt,” by Kimberly Grace, Part 3 in the  Soldiers Don’t Cry series

Saturday, June 30: Interview with Lydia Walker!

Monday, July 2: Does my name matter? by Bethany Brown

Tuesday, July 3: Some thoughts about Freedom, July 4, etc. from one or more of out contributors

Wednesday, July 4: Happy Fourth of July! Some more thoughts about the holiday, and plans for the next week.

Thanks so much for joining us here! And as always if you have any ideas that would make Unfading better or cause it to help you more, don’t hesitate to contact us (tab above) or comment in the comments section below.


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