Summer Smarts

Photo by Bethany Brown

Summer is absolutely my favorite season! I love being outside and enjoying the warmth and beauty of creation.  Some of you may be working outside all summer at camps or outdoor jobs. Others may be working inside but I’m sure you’ll get outside on your days off. Whatever your plans are, summer can be a fun but dangerous time.

To keep your summer fun, ministry and fellowship time from being ruined (or at least made a lot less enjoyable), here are some tips to help you stay safe this summer.

1. Do things with a buddy. You may be a really great swimmer, but even great swimmers get cramps at times and need someone to give them a hand. Also, grab a friend to exercise or go to the mall with- it is safer to be in pairs and more fun too.

2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! As a pale person whose best friend is very tan and never has to wear sunscreen, I have learned this lesson the hard way. It may not be the coolest thing to stop and apply your sunscreen every 2 hours but it will be worth it when you aren’t a lobster later and in all your fun vacation pictures. There are lots of neat sunscreens out now that are in spray form or can be put on when you are still wet- it makes the process much easier. Also, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to reapply.

3. Summer is a really popular time for parties. Never, ever, ever get in the car with someone who has been drinking. A lot of times, people who have been drinking don’t realize that they are not okay to drive. Be brave and speak up when you don’t feel safe. Call a parent or another trusted adult for a ride instead. Also, keep an eye out for drivers who have been drinking- they may be driving slower than usual, not have their lights on, be swerving or driving too fast. Steer clear of these drivers by pulling over in a safe place until they pass.

4. Wear your helmet! I know these can ruin a really cute hairdo, but they are so important. Every summer, helmets save lives of those on horses, bikes and 4-wheelers. Pulling your hair back into a low, loose bun can help prevent dreaded helmet hair.

5. Tell someone where you are! In the summer, it is really easy to wander from the pool, to a friend’s house to the mall. Then, you get a panicked call from your mom when she can’t find you! I’ve been there! Put your parents’ mind at ease by shooting them a text when you leave or arrive somewhere. It makes them worry less and keeps them aware of your location if something goes wrong.

This is by no means a list of all the dangers of summer- just a few! What do you do to stay safe in the summer?


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