What Do I Post This Week?

Photo by Bethany Brown

Psalm 120 verse 1 says this, “I took my troubles to the Lord; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer.”

Have you ever played with a Magic 8 Ball? You ask it a question, shake it, and then a blue triangle floating in magic black liquid tells you the answer. Well, I play a Bible version of that I like to call “Magic Psalms”. You pick up your Bible, ask it a question, and open it to the middle of the book which of course is Psalms. When preparing for this post I played my game and the first verse I came upon started with O Israel. Nope not what I was looking for, that probably had something to do with prophecy or war. No one blogs on that stuff. Especially not to young women on a site aimed to enrich our confidence in true beauty and identity in Christ. So, I played again.  Worse this time, it was talking about exile in Jerusalem. Gosh, I was really on my Magic Psalms game; not!

I was about to give up and just do 1st Corinthians 13 and talk about love. Everyone likes love.

Then Psalm 120:1 came into my line of sight and this blogger learned a lesson. This Bible verse thing is not a game. It is a matter of prayer. Prayer about our troubles no matter what they are or how small or big they seem. Can’t decide what to have for dinner, pray about it and God will answer you. Warning, He may suggest a salad with no dressing. ICKY! Can’t decide what to study in college, pray about it and God will answer you it just may take a while, a long while. I guess what this blogger found out is that no matter what you have on your plate as long as you are talking to God about it and working through it with Him in control then you got this. No Magic 8 Ball or game required.

Challenge from me to you: Start a prayer journal. It helps for some of those big prayers in life to be written down. Then you can look back in times of doubt and see how you cried to him and he answered your prayers.

What prayers have you seen God answer in your life? Comment and let us know so we can rejoice together!


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