Pursuit and Surrender

Mike was so excited when, after months of pursuing Emily by getting to know her at church, ...

... she agreed to give him her phone number ...

Hey Girls! So over the months of February and March, I did an in-depth study of the book of Ruth with associated journal entries. While I discovered several really amazing things about this book, I took a few of the more awesome ideas and typed them up. Enjoy!!

Ruth 4 begins with Boaz taking care of business at the gates of the city where the elders met. We are shown in grand detail just what a “kinsman-redeemer” is and does. A kinsman-redeemer was a close relative who was willing to accept responsibility for a deceased “brother’s” property. This included his remaining immediate family (i.e. Naomi), wife (i.e. Ruth), and possessions (land, money, etc). The kinsman-redeemer was then required to marry the dead guy’s wife and (if there were no previous children) provide an heir who would, legally, be the dead guy’s son. This provided a way to carry on the dead guy’s name.

The only way for Ruth and Naomi to survive was to be redeemed by someone who was willing to give up his pride, marry another guy’s wife, and be okay with the idea of his first born child not legally being his. That’s what Boaz did. Not only that, but he didn’t waste time either! When Ruth came to him asking for provision and protection, he packed her  back off to her mother –in-law and, the Bible says, he went the city gates THE NEXT DAY!! This guy didn’t mess around!

... that he didn't wait the usual three days ...

... but called her immediately ...

This brings me to the most awesome point of this chapter. This concept of God pursuing you. Of being purchased for a dear price; yet being completely and totally worth it. Sometimes, I think we forget that God considers us worth pursuing. That’s how great His love is for us. So great that once we finally “get” it, we turn things around and chase after Him to know Him more.

The other thing I realized through reading this is Boaz was acting in response to Ruth responding to him (and her meddling mother in law!) Biblical concept: While we have been bought with a price; God won’t keep us when we are unwilling. That’s one of the beauties of humans is our sense of free will. While all mankind has been bought with a severely steep price, God plays by His own rules. He’ll never deny someone’s free will choices, even if that means they reject Him. That would go just as much against His nature as not loving for He personifies love. Let us praise Him for He is never-changing in character!

... But it takes two to tango. He asked her out, and she said ...


Photos by Bethany Brown. Story by Bethany Brown and Tiffany Taylor.


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