DIY Boredom Buster

Alright girls, summer has come and most likely soon to follow, summertime boredom blues. Over the next few months, I hope to help remedy this. Once a month through this summer I will be showing you some tutorials on some easy do-it-yourself projects. I will be concentrating on ones that are fun, cheap and simple enough to come back to in case you get distracted with the swimming pool or going to the movies.

For this month we will be learning how to create and personalize coasters. Now I know you may not think you need coasters at your age, but surely all our moms would appreciate our help on preserving their beautiful furniture.  It could just be that a special lady in your life is having a birthday soon. Seniors, believe it or not, coasters can actually come in handy in your dorm room this coming fall. You could even use this project as a way to frame your favorite photos. It’s up to you, get creative! For this project you will need the following:

~the number of square *ceramic tiles you wish to decorate

~Pretty scrapbook paper~Small paint brush/sponge

~Scissors~Mod Podge (MP)

~Sticky felt pads (optional)

*you can find these tiles at a home improvement store near the flooring aisle. The ones I purchased were only 16 cents each.

 Step 1: Trace one of the tiles on the type of paper you are choosing to use. Make sure to make your markings on the back of the paper so they do not show. You will want to cut out the square just inside the trace lines you made so that each paper square will be slightly smaller than the actual tile; this leaves a little white edge on each side.Use the cut out square to check the size by laying it on top of a tile. Trim if needed.Use this first square as a pattern to cut out the remaining paper squares.


step 1a

Step 2: Brush Mod Podge on the top side of tile, try keeping all the brushstrokes the same direction. You do not need a lot of MP, just enough to cover the surface of tile.


Step 3: Place a square that you previously cut out on top of tile, with the pretty side up. You should have some wiggle room to center it the way you would like.


Step 4: Beginning at one corner and working your way around the square piece of paper, place the paper onto the tile and using your fingers or a popsicle stick press the paper down so that it sticks well. Smooth out any bubbles that may appear.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 for all your tiles. Let them dry for at least 30 minutes.

Once dry, brush another coat of MP over the tile/paper. This helps seal the paper, and keeps it safe from condensation while being used as a coaster. If more bubbles appear, try to smooth them out and do not worry about the MP smudging off. *Be sure to coat edges of square paper, sealing here is most important.

Let dry-Do this at least 2-3 more times. The more coats of MP the better the seal will be.


Step 6: Apply 4 small felt pads to the bottom of tile, one to each corner. This helps protect wood surfaces the coasters might be used on (optional).

To ensure sticking, use hot glue to stick on pads.


Hope you love your coasters. If you want to really get creative, here are some extra ideas you can implement into your project: I wrote a verse on one of the pieces of paper in permanent marker before sealing it, another option is to print photos from a normal printer using regular paper and glue these on the tile for personalizing or, give your tiles a glossy look, which I recommend for better sealing anyways; purchase Mod Podge glossy instead of matte finish. Hope you have fun!



One thought on “DIY Boredom Buster

  1. Martha S. says:

    Great idea! Love this idea!

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